Dev Log: Wearable Private Cloud

Update from our UX-Designer


ReVault has during the summer evolved from a mix of ideas and requirements to reality. We have specified the user needs, and the user stories. We have discussed user personas, business impact maps and the input from the community surveys and put together and prioritized the information pieces.

One interesting question has been: what info and functionality should be in the mobile and/or ReVault app? Following the information structure we have created two interaction designs in the shape of wireframes for ReVault and for the mobile apps. The next step is to evolve the visual design (as seen in the ReVault video). This is done in parallell with the coding.

Check out wireframes for the ReVault App UX (PDF)

Micke, a proud member of the ReVault team

About Micke
My passion and profession for the last twenty years is usability and interaction design. From CD-rom edutainment in 1995 to B2B Webs in IBM, interactive television in Motorola/Google, responsive Web design and best selling iOS apps, etc. And now – finally – technology has come to wearables, the step before including IT in our bodies!

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Make a comment, or request access to the Google document..

  • I love the designs so far! What will be the limit for how many watch faces or apps someone can put on their shortcut carousel?

    • WearablePrivateCloud

      Thanks @ctalr:disqus I will check with the team and get back to you ASAP! //Elia

    • WearablePrivateCloud

      Hi again @ctalr:disqus! There is no technical upper limit to the number of shortcut carousels. Obviously there comes a point when a shortcut becomes useless if there are too many 🙂

  • Kenneth Eriksson

    All interactions in the wireframe doc is through the buttons on the sides. Does that mean that there will be no screen enabled touch interface?

    • Jonas

      Yes, that’s right Kenneth. To maximize the communications range/minimize battery drain, we opted to use that layer of the display to house an extended antenna //Magnus & Jonas

      • Kenneth Eriksson

        No problem for me, I have fat fingers so touch would be useless for me anyway 🙂

  • jack

    hi ,
    will you integrate new sensors on map ?
    what kind of new app ?


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