Dev Log: Wearable Private Cloud

Good and bad news

Dear ReVaulters

We have been working around the clock to finalize ReVault and deliver it on time. We have some bad and good news.

The bad news is that we have delays in our production and will not be able to deliver your order until the end of June. The reason being that we have been forced to redesign our electronics from scratch, due to a lack of support from the manufacturers of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chip. This has been a major headache for us, but we did not allow it to break us. Contrary, we have solved these problems and also paved the way for the following positive news.

The good news is that we have leveraged this redesign to include a heart rate monitor, gyro and compass. With these new components we will be able to add new functions in the future, such as activity tracking and heart rate monitoring. As a Revault backer, you will not pay any additional fees for these new components and functions. Developers will also have access to this new sensor data through our API.

Please read our latest blog post, from our hardware engineer Martin, if you want to learn more about the redesign:

We are currently preparing the production of the first batch of electronics. We look forward to keeping you updated, and delivering Revault to you.

Best regards,

Josef, CEO 



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