Dev Log: Wearable Private Cloud

We are getting closer with fast steps

This is another update on the development of ReVault from our hardware Engineer Martin Layley.

Touch wood, the verification of the hardware is now done by 99%. Arun has nearly completed the hardware verification and the low level software drivers. We now have verified the following as working:

  • Power supply system
  • Vibrator
  • Clocks
  • LCD and backlight
  • pSRAM
  • MPU internal flash
  • MPU internal SRAM
  • eMMC
  • Buttons
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Gyroscope
  • Accelerometer
  • Magnetometer
  • The WiFi part of the radio

This just leaves the Bluetooth section of the radio, which is being worked on as I write. The Bluetooth is in operation on the evaluation boards, so it should not require much more than re-mapping a UART and some interrupts.

We have video of a debug session with the WiFi doing a scan of the local environment.


In the process of getting the WiFi working, we discovered that I had drawn the PCB footprint for the radio chip inverted.  Hanza desoldered it and I have put it back on dead-bug fashion. Dead bug? lying on its back, waving its legs in the air.  


The radio is quite small, he pads are 0.4mm diameter, and the wire is nominally 0.2mm diameter, so soldering is a challenge and must be done whilst looking through a microscope.


As the wires are fragile, the prototype has been boxed and is now being used for the software integration.


With the basic design proven, we are constructing two more units for the software team to use.

So we are getting closer with fast steps, expect more good news from us in the near future.




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