Dev Log: Wearable Private Cloud

Fresh boards

Dear ReVaulters,

Yet another good news from us. We have now manufactured new boards and they all work as expected. We are tuning our procedure together with Hanza to avoid problems in the manufacturing process in the future.


These boards are now used to verify the software we have developed. We started by integrating the different software blocks that we had developed. So far we have been able to pair ReVault with a mobile phone and tablet and transfer files from a mobile phone to ReVault and vice versa, look at pictures and listen to music over the web server, receive notifications and set up timer and edit settings. We will continue integrating more software blocks and working on software stability.

We are getting there.

Wish you all Happy Easter holidays

Josef, CEO

  • Jeff B

    I hope all is going well, do you have any updates? It’s been two months since the last update.

  • nicodaemus

    Hi guys. Any news? I’m chomping at the bit!!

  • Woody14619

    So.. It’s been over a year since the last update. Any feedback? What’s going on?


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