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Update on Android App development

Android Client (WIP)

Android Client (WIP)

Hi everyone!

Thanks for all of the recent comments and messages. We want to give you an update regarding our Android app development.

The client was initially written in Android Java, but the business layer has been ported to C++ over the summer. This enables us to use the same business code for many different platforms while still using a native look&feel for them. It also forced us to define clear interfaces between business layer and UI which is always a nice thing to have.

The Android UI has come farthest so far and is usable for vault pairing and basic syncing of data. Currently, the client file browser
is under development which will be used to browse local and remote files.

All the best and thx for the support

/Jonas & Magnus.

Reddit AMA won the Innovation Loop!

First of all, we want to extend a big THANK YOU to everyone that participated in the Innovation Loop for coming up with new marketing ideas for ReVault. The level of ideas, and feedback in this idea campaign has totally blown us away. There were many great ideas, but quite a few of them were difficult to complete within the designated time frame and budget.

Secondly we want to thank Edumanity for sponsoring us with their idea management software, and the prizes.

The winning idea is the “Host a Reddit AMA“. We did contemplate extending the Indiegogo Campaign to make room for this, but we really need to stick to our time plan to make ReVault happen. The Reddit AMA is something that we will do further down the line when we launch details about our public API for third party apps. The idea has all the ingredients of a great idea: doable and potentially impactful. It was also one of the ideas that received the highest ratings and feedback comments. Congratulations Nick Gordillo, you have won a free 128GB ReVault!

Many people have been active giving feedback to the ideas presented in the Innovation Loop. The person that has given the mostfeedback is Sajarin Dider. He has not only given the most, but also very constructive feedback. He does not simply agree with an idea, but also tries to evaluate their potential. Congratulations Sajarin have also won a free 128GB ReVault!.

The winner is…

Thank you for participating in the competition for a free 128GB ReVault. All in all we received over 18000 entries from 982 users. We used Gleams own “draw a winner” function, and the winner was Sheffie C! Congrats!

ReVault – a smartwatch with wireless wearable storage

Meet the ReVault charger stand

Thanks for all the votes and opinions! Much appreciated. This was the stand that received 38% of the votes from our customers.


Which ReVault charging stand do you like the best?

1. Aluminium Stand

2. Hard Plastic Stand

3. Aluminium Stand

4. Hard Plastic Stand

Join the Innovation Loop and win a free 128GB ReVault


ReVault has reached 150% funding and still has roughly 2 weeks to go on Indiegogo!

We are now reaching higher, and looking for new marketing ideas that will unlock the much anticipated MP3 streaming stretch goal.

Two free 128GB ReVault are in the pot!

This competition is sponsored by Edumanity, and taking place in their new app The Innovation Loop. Check out the campaign brief, and participate in this idea challenge here:

Concepts from Redzrex, one of our build group members

We got these cool conceptual ideas in our mail the other day from Redzrex, and decided to share them with you. We love getting stuff like this, so keep it coming.

Cube Safe:

– Small safe to keep small item (e.g: jewelry, watches, cash, etc..)
– 1TB – 5TB (or more) extra storage.
– USB port at back to transfer files with external storage (e.g: USB, External hard disk, etc..)
– Charging port at back.
– Screen in front shows the details of the safe (e.g: current battery, available free storage, etc..)
– Can also be use to charge Revault.
– Cool decorative item.
– Side Logo LED glows when Revault is connected to it.


Wallet Clip:
– Lanyard hole at the top side.
– Can slide in some cards and clip some cash for a very minimalist wallet.
(Some people actually use conventional card clipper as an on the go wallet for short trip to nearby places.)


A letter from Joseph Leake, one of our backers

We received this e-mail today from one of our backers. It was so good that we got the green light to share it with our readers.

Good Day Elia,

I deal in a lot of data with my work and personal life.  I work in Law Enforcement, specifically DNA and ID systems.  Additionally, I travel and do a lot of photography.

I’ve never liked corporate clouds: iCloud, MS Skydrive, Google, etc.  There are regulatory issues with storing work data on such systems and most agencies have very week internal systems that we cannot access in the field, and transmitting some information over the Internet does not meet our federal NIST standards.

With regard to my personal hobbies, just don’t have a lot of trust in the corporations.

My solution for home and personal has been to use Western Digital MyCloud EX2.  It works very well and I access it from all around the US.  Yet, can’t use it for work due to reasons I note above.

Your simple personal cloud does open the door to maintaining some work as it would be physically on me, not across the Internet.  And, I’m not limited to internet issues such as disconnections while traveling to access my photos.

So, I’m very eager to see the finish product especially in light that more and more mobile device makers are eliminating the external micro SD card.  I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4.  The new Note 5, like the new Galaxy 6, will no longer have a removable micro SD.  I don’t store anything on my internal SD as if the phone dies or fries, your card may go with it.

Most in my field agree, the elimination of external SD cards is to garner more control, by the makers, over the devices and content data.  Apple has been talking about auto sending all content from the iPhone to their iCloud, and removing users choice to allow or opt out.  I have no desire to give up that choice.

Thanks again, hope all well on your end

Joseph Leake


Hello from the ReVault tech team

Hey, my name is Jonas and I’m Project Lead for the ReVault tech team.

After months of preparation we are finally out in the open! It’s nice to see that so many of you support our idea and product on Indiegogo.

We are currently working with user driven story mapping for auto-sync and backup scenarios.

We get a lot of questions regarding our plans for an API. We’re in the process of investigating what parts of the ReVault to make public via APIs. The highest priority we’re considering while doing so is security. The ReVault differs from other, seemingly, similar products in that it will contain lots of the user’s data, private data. And we will make very sure that the APIs we make public won’t compromise that security.

Let me know if you have any input or suggestions.

See ya


Win a free 128GB ReVault

We are super excited to announce that we are fully funded on Indiegogo!

This is your chance to win a free 128GB ReVault by taking part in our competition powered by Gleam.

Each action counts as an entry. The more actions you take, during the course of the competition, the more chances you have of winning. Some actions can be performed on a daily basis.

By taking part you will also be helping ReVault make a more successful crowdfunding campaign.


ReVault – a smartwatch with wireless wearable storage


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