Dev Log: Wearable Private Cloud



We have received lots of great questions along the way. All of these questions have been compiled, sorted, and finally answered. This is the first version of our FAQ. We would love your feedback.

Let us know: Did the answer to any of these questions surprise you in a good way?


How does ReVault work at a glance?

ReVault is a new type of storage that gives you the smartness and convenience of the public cloud, and the security of local storage. Store your files locally on ReVault and always access them at the speed of a local network. ReVault connects to your devices using WiFi or Bluetooth. You can setup your ReVault to auto-backup and auto-synchronize your files across your devices. ReVault is wearable so that you can easily carry your files wherever you go at all times.

When will ReVault be available?

We are launching our crowdfunding campaign in Q2 this year, and it will ship towards the end of the year.

Who is ReVault designed for?

ReVault has been designed for casual users, as well as techies. Running it with default settings will work just fine. For the more technically inclined, there will be plenty of under-the-hood settings to tweak, based on personal preferences.

Do I need a ReVault account?

No, ReVault is a one time purchase and does not require a subscription.

What countries does ReVault ship to?

We plan to ship to all countries.


How much storage space does ReVault have?

ReVault will be available in the sizes of 32GB and 128GB.

How long does the ReVault battery last?

The battery life lasts around 3 days, based on our hardware specification and common use case scenarios.

How is ReVault charged?

ReVault is charged using a standard Qi Wireless Charger. Charging a ReVault to 80% battery life takes 1 hour, and 100% takes 1,5 hours.

How durable is ReVault?

ReVault has a stainless steel case, and is splash and water resistant. The screen is protected using Corning®Gorilla ®Glass 3 with NDR™, which offers crack and damage resistance.

Does ReVault have an app?

We’re creating a user-friendly app for Android and IOS. The app will give you full control of your files, as well as connected devices. It will also allow you to preview your files, as well as start streaming your music & video.

Does ReVault come with different watch faces?

Yes, ReVault comes with a dozen watch faces out of the box. For example analogue to digital time, as well as vital stats for your private cloud.

What OS does ReVault have?

ReVault has a custom OS that is designed for optimal battery consumption and security.


What platforms are compatible with ReVault?

ReVault is compatible with:

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux

How does ReVault utilize WiFi?
ReVault can create its own WiFi network as well as join an existing one.

Can I be connected to the internet and to ReVault at the same time?

Yes, simply connect your ReVault to your local network.

Can devices completely sync as soon as they are within range of ReVault ?

Trusted devices, that have enabled auto-sync, can completely sync when they share a network with ReVault.

Does ReVault sync with existing cloud services?

ReVault does not connect to the Internet for security reasons. If you want to sync your files to online public cloud services, you can continue to do so from your computer.



How does ReVault secure your data?

ReVault is designed to securely strap to your body. It works securely offline. Only trusted devices can connect to ReVault. The data stored on ReVault is encrypted using AES-256. On top of that you can also choose to password protect your app using single, or 2-factor authentication.

Is the data sent to and from ReVault encrypted?


What happens if my ReVault is lost or stolen?

The data on your ReVault will be very difficult to steal, because it is always encrypted and password protected. You can auto-backup ReVault itself to another device, for example a NAS, to store changed files from last time.



In what ways can I wear ReVault?

ReVault can be worn as a wrist, neck or pocket item. It ships with a chain converter that makes it possible to swap between straps or a chain.

Are ReVault straps standard sized and swappable?
ReVault uses standard sized straps. There are 3 straps to choose from: tapered stainless steel, mesh stainless steel, as well as black leather calf. We also ship a tool that makes it easy for you to swap straps at home.



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